The MEGA campaign will connect civic initiatives at all levels, from local to transnational. Visual identity is crucial to ensure visibility and impact. Several visual elements can easily be shared on social media and printed. Here are some elements you can already use, lots of others will be developed shortly:

  • Download the Facebook banner for your pages
  • Put the campaign logo on your website and use it in your e-mail signatures (letting us know about the visibility you give on your website will be most appreciated 😉
  • Other specific visuals and hashtags for social media will be continuously developed
  • Create slogans in your languages and share them with the community
  • Customise the “stencil” logo your own way, tag it on a wall and send us the picture
  • Use MEGA layout template for programme of activities (available upon request to contact[@]megacampaign[.]eu


Please note that, depending on the browser you are using, colors may not appear in their original version. However, all the versions below have the samed color (#ED174B RVB: (237,23,75))

Original size

Facebook cover

MEGA campaign



Cropped version


Email signature logo


In the frame of the campaign, we are working closely with Gianluca Costantini. Gianluca a.k.a Channeldraw is an activist and artist who for years fought his battles through the drawing. As he says on his website: “Everything is art, everything is political”
Below you can download the drawings made by Gianluca, based on his own feeling and approach towards the campaign and the Future of Europe.