We have our Manifesto translated in several languages. In order to Make Europe really Great for ALL, we aim at having it in all EU languages and even more!

If your language is not on the page, it means that we could not translate it yet. You can help us by translating the Manifesto in the languages that are not yet visible on this page. You can send your contribution (contact[a], we will be happy to show your skills to our entire community


Whether you are an individual, a group of citizens, an organisation, a political representative, you can promote our shared values by signing the Manifesto.

We call for for a Europe based on caring for each other and for the planet, where fundamental rights are not only a nice wording and where social justice will take precedence over competition and austerity.  Strength lies in numbers, this is why we need you to spread the word and join the call to Make Europe Great for All !