THE MEGA CAMPAIGN IS ABOUT engaging a wide network of civic organisations and movements, local communities, human rights defenders, journalists, trade unions and businesses who share our values in a two-years pan-European process of defining what should the Future of Europe look like. Together will all those who wish to join us in this endeavour, we will draw up our wish list of actions the EU institutions need to undertake, we will formulate claims to future candidates running for a term in the next European elections, we will more generally feed into the public space with proposals for more democracy, solidarity, equality, inclusiveness.



Tell us about positive stories of civil society

We want to give voice to the role of civil society all over Europe and shows why it is important to Make Europe Great for All. If you wanna share with us positive stories of solidarity, inclusiveness, and democracy, let us know your story!

Take ownership of the Manifesto

Our starting point, the basis of the whole campaign, the Manifesto calls for:
A Europe that serves people and the planet!
A democracy that gives voice to all!
A wellspring of solidarity uniting European people!


– Your language is not online yet? Translate it and send it to us (contact[a]megacampaign.eu), we will upload it as soon as possible;
– Use key messages from the Manifesto into the ways you’re already engaging with communities (debates, workshops, street action, online campaigning, contacts with your public…)
Call for signatures! The more we sign the Manifesto – the stronger our voice!

Label your events or campaigns

You share the views expressed in the Manifesto? You conduct activities in line with the objectives of the MEGA campaign? Let us know! Join the community! We give visibility and promote civic initiatives not only through the campaign communication channels, but also by creating synergies with our network of activists on the ground, all across Europe. Share your experience. Learn from other existing initiatives. Join us in building Europe from the grassroots up!

– Your event will add MEGA value on the map;
– We can suggest European speakers to your event;
– We can support advocacy with EU institutional contacts, communication, outreach.

Contribute to the Civic Space Watch

What used to be an exception a few years ago has now become a Europe-wide phenomenon. We are deeply concerned that all over the continent restrictive measures have been enforced against those who speak for minorities, who defend European values and fundamental rights, freedom of expression, association and assembly. You can be our eyes on the ground, let us know about breaches of fundamental rights so that we can organise in defence and act in a concerted manner.

– Send updates and alerts about your countries;
– Use the resources available on the Civic Space Watch and connect with other activists across Europe;
– Coordinate with us joint actions across Europe to protect civic space.

Discover more here!

Contribute to the drafting of a wish list of demands to future European political leaders

Throughout our MEGA campaign transnational events, we will support, collect and compile key demands from civil society to be presented as the civil society’s wish list to the Spizenkandidaten (candidates running for the presidency of the European Commission) early 2019 and to political candidates all across Europe who run for EU elections. Thus, supporters of the MEGA campaign will be actively involved in discussing, debating and reflecting upon the translation of fundamental values into inclusive public policies.

– Participate in MEGA events (see the map)
– Join the online community and share ideas, good practice and experience
– Translate key proposals into your language
– Milestones of the campaign: Citizens’ Forums in the countries holding the upcoming EU Presidency (31st May 2018, Sofia, Bulgaria; 20th September 2018, Vienna, Austria; 9th May 2019, Sibiu, Romania)