We want to create a positive narrative about civic organisations and show their impact on society. In order to create an emotional connection with the citizens, we are collecting positive stories from volunteers/ NGOs/ individuals, who are humans rights defenders and stand up for human rights for all. In addition, we want to collect testimonials about people who have actually been helped by projects/initiatives, and generally by the action of CSOs.

If you know powerful stories that you think deserve more attention, feel free to contribute. There will be an easy format to follow. Here are three easy tips to follow:


    1. The description of the story should be written in 1st  person (singular or plural according to your needs). If you don’t want to use the story of your organisation, but – for instance – a touching story of someone who has actually been helped by one of your projects and you think might be powerful and a good example, you are totally free to decide. Just remember to use the first person to show more involvement and humanity;
    2. The text should be no longer than 250 words and a minimum of around 200 words;
    3. The picture should be taken with a neutral background, avoiding picture in external places, and possibly a white background. If you think of taking a picture outside, it is extremely important to set the background blur. if you cannot do it, please inform us through the form, and we will edit it for you.