Welcome to the Forum of the MEGA campaign. We aim at discussing the issues we are facing in our daily activities as citizens, but we also want to build concrete proposals. This is the place where all your ideas, suggestions and debates count. This will be our starting point for building a set of recommendations and a clear programme containing our common vision for the Future of Europe.

    • Welcome to the forum

      Welcome to our online forum, aimed at connecting the wide community of active citizens, movements and organised groups, who want to bring in a real change from the bottom into our societies.

      Moderation and inappropriate contents

      Please note that in order to respect the freedom of expression, we will not moderate the messages posted on the Forum. However, if we notice any hateful, discriminatory or inappropriate content, the concerned User might be expelled from the Forum.   We count on your contribution and hope that together, we can really Make Europe Great for All. Your MEGA Team